Modified luggage room coaches earmarked for differently abled

Recognising the need of physically challenged persons, Railways have decided to make special arrangements to accommodate them in all Mail and Express trains. Second class luggage room coaches are being modified to facilitate boarding of trains by the differently abled persons.

"It has been decided that all Mail and Express trains with modified coaches known as SLRD coaches will have reserved seats for physically challenged persons," said a senior Railway Ministry official. Doors of SLRD coaches are being widened to facilitate the boarding of passengers with wheel-chairs. Railways had made a commitment to a parliamentary committee to make special provision for facilitating boarding of trains by physically challenged passengers.

There are total four seats in unreserved category in SLRD coaches and now these have been earmarked exclusively for the physically challenged passengers and their escorts. However, this will not be applicable to fully reserved trains like Garib Rath trains. Besides the SLRD coaches, Railways have also decided to provide 'handicapped quota' of two sleeper class berths -- one lower berth for the physically challenged person and the middle berth for for escort. "The handicapped quota was earlier withdrawn after the introduction of SLRD coaches. Now it has been restored," said the official (zee news)

A Milestone Service Rendered by Chennai Jain Trust

Free Equipments given by Chennai Jain Trust to the 275 beneficiaries
Chennai, June-26.
Chennai Choolai Adhinath Jain Seva Kendhra has been giving lot of services to the Society past some of years. Through this Trust around 7 Lakh Peoples were benefited till now. Trust has rendered many free equipments to Differently abld people and general public. Some of it's services like Provision of Artificial Limps, Calipers, Clutches, Try cycles, Eye Clinic, Cataract Operation and Eye Donation, Training in Tailoring & Embroidery, Distribution of Nutritious Food Every Day, B.A., M.A., Course in Jainology, Acupuncture & Acupressure & Therapy Treatment, Distribution of Food Grains, Jeev Daya, General Clinic. are very useful to the public and given good life for them. in this vision the function of distributing free equipments to the differently abled people and general public held on Saturday at trust office.
Acharya badthu Bailed Magaraja's Sishya Swamiji was preside over the function and inagrate the function with his prayer. Naya Mandhir trustee Pukkaraj ji Jain, Tata Street Pasan Jain Trustee Gouth Chand Ji Vaid were presence

Trust Secretary Mohan Jain Delivered the Welcome Address and Explained about that trust and it's function. Dr. Rajendran and Trust Organizers, Staffs were organize the function Swamiji given the equipments to the beneficiary and blessed them too.

A Milestone Service Rendered by Chennai Jain Trust

After that secretary Mohan Jain said that " we are ready to help the Society and help to differently abled through giving needful equipments with the great-full support of donors. Also we have a Plan to start a Ashram for Orphans" he said.

We really should say thanks for the service as a milestone.

Offer for Differently Abled

The Jain Trust have planed to give wheel chair and tricycle for differently abled people through the spacial camp soon. so the needed people can contact them through the following PH. No. of Trust Office : 044-26691616 and Get the benefits.

This is the True Love Story i ever heard

This is the True Love Story i ever heard

Poet. Ekalaivan have Invited to Speak in World Tamil Confrence @ Covai

World Tamil Conference Going to be held on 23 of this month @ Coimbatore. In this conference lot of tamil researchers and world level tamil interested peoples will be participate. writer and Poet. Ekalaivan also Invited by the organizer to speak about the websites of differently abled peoples in tamil. his participation creating very much proud among the differently abled people. Ekalaivan born on 1975 he belongs to Salem District. in his 13th year of age because of rail accident he became a Differently abled person. after that he build his confident and courageous to achieve something for the society. in that vision he wrote lot of articles about the achievements of differently abled and published some books about differently abled through his vasakan publications. now he is working in salem periyar university as a temporary staff.

"Half Man - Half Price Store"

"Half Man - Half Price Store"
The Story of Peng Shuilin
In life we keep complaining about what is or why we don't have.Half the time we seem dissatisfied, though full-bodied and free to choose. Fat people say,"I want to be slim." Skinny people say,"I want to be fatter."Poor people want to be rich and rich are never satisfied with what they have.

PENG Shuilin is 78cms high. He was born in Hunan Province , China .In 1995, in Shenzhen, a freight truck sliced his body in half.His lower body and legs were beyond repair.
Surgeons sewed up his torso.Peng Shuilin, 37, spent nearly two years in hospital in Shenzhen, southern China ,undergoing a series of operations to re-route nearly every major organ or system inside his body.Peng kept exercising his arms, building up strength, washing his face and brushing his teeth.
He survived against all odds.Now Peng Shulin has astounded doctors by learning to walk again after a decade.
Considering Peng's plight, doctors at the China Rehabilitation Research Centre in Beijing devised an ingenious way to allow him to walk on his own,creating a sophisticated egg cup-like casing to hold his body, with two bionic legs attached.
It took careful consideration, skilled measurement and technical expertise.Peng has been walking the corridors of Beijing Rehabilitation Centrewith the aid of his specially adapted legs and a re-sized walking frame.

RGO is a recipicating gait orthosis, attached to a prosthetic socket bucket.There is a cable attached to both legs so when one goes forward, the other goes backwards.Rock to the side, add a bit of a twist and the leg without the weight on it advances, while the other one stays still, giving a highly inefficient way of ambulation.Oh so satisfying to 'walk' again after ten years with half a body!
Hospital vice-president Lin Liu said: "We've just given him a checkup; he is fitter than most men his age."Peng Shuilin has opened his own bargain supermarket,called the Half Man-Half Price Store.The inspirational 37-year-old has become a businessmanand is used as a role model for other amputees.At just 2ft 7ins tall, he moves around in a wheelchair giving lectures on recovery from disability.His attitude is amazing, he doesn't complain."He had good care, but his secret is cheerfulness. Nothing ever gets him down."You have a whole body. You have feet.Now you have met a man who has no feet.His life is a feat of endurance, a triumph of the human spirit in overcoming extreme adversity.Next time you want to complain about something trivial, don't.Remember Peng Shulin instead.

Tamilnadu differently abled government employees association's federation' s first state conference

Tamilnadu differently abled government employees association's federation' s first state conference held on 19th of this month in world university service center at chennai chethupet. professor of anna university and state general secretory Ponnusamy presided the conference. The welcome address will delivered by state president Srinivasan. Sate treasurer Chandrakumar, secretary Ramasamy, join secretary Ramaravi, Executive member karuppaiya, Organizing secretary karikalan presence to the conference. Vice president Boobathi explained the schemes and welfare given to the differently abled from the government exposed Thanks to Tamilnadu Chif minister on behalf of the association. Members of Parliament Thirumavalavan, Elangovan and welfare board president Poet. Salma, Tamilnadu differently abled association's federations state president Chidhabbaranathan, General secretory Chimmachandran, Vice precedent Deepak, Vice Secretary Seiyad Musthafa , Welfare board member Thangam, Lalithambikai, Women's wing Organizer Aruna Devi, Vice President Annadurai were give the special speech. State Secretary Ramasamy explained the resolutions. All the office bares, members from various district were participate in this conference. Joint secretary Subramanian given the vote of thanks. Kamaraj and Sangeetha Organized the programme.

Resolution of the conference :

* Should give employment for qualified differently abled persons under 3 percent reservation immediately
* Should give employment to disabled to work differently abled people's
* Request to conform permanent Government employee for consolidate payment receiving employees like Tasmac in various government department
* when giving the promotion and transfer to the differently abled persons working place should be near by their residence
* Have to take needful actions to give their Two wheeler and Four wheelers loans to the differently abled workers in a first preference basis at lowest rate of interest
*Should provide all the facilities including toilet facility within the working place of differently abled employees working places
* Should give the traveling allowances to the state government differently abled employees as equal to central government employees
* Have to decrees the service to 20 years for getting full pension
* Should take the national identity card of differently abled as a medical certificate for commercial and income tax exemption
*Should give the hard less work to the state transport corporation differently abled employees who have worked more then 10 years
* Have to give
concession of 15 minutes late permission to the differently abled employees to come to office because of the traffic problems


Leading matrimonial website Bharat Matrimony recently launched an online platform that will exclusively cater to the physically challenged. The platform,, will be available free of cost, company officials said.“The company decided to launch the exclusive online platform for the differently-abled with a view to make it easier for those who are willing to marry them to find such people,” Bharat Matrimony Founder and CEO Murugavel Janakiraman told reporters. “This is a socially responsible corporate move to facilitate marriages in all sections of the society. This move will change the attitude of the society towards the social rights of differently-abled persons,” he said. Nearly one lakh people tie the knot every year through Bharat Matrimony. Till now, nearly 20 lakh people have got married through the website, Janakiraman said. Bharat Matrimony, which enjoys a market share of 50 per cent, has 1,000 employees operating from around 70 offices across the country, he said

State Conference of differently abled government employees association's federation on 19th at chennai

Tamilnadu differently abled government employees association's federation' s state conference will be conduct on 19th of this month in word university service center at chennai chethupet. professor of anna university and state general secretory Ponnusamy will preside the conference. The welcome address will deliver by state president Srinivasan. Sate treasurer Chandrakumar, Tamilnadu social welfare minister Geetha jeevan, parliament members Thirumavalavan, Elangovan, Tamilnadu differently abled association's federations state president Chidhabbaranathan, General secretory Chimmachandran and all the office bares, members from various district will be participate in this conference.

Free Note books for differently abled students in July.

Trichy district differently abled association's monthly meeting held on last Sunday. The
secretory of the association Marikkannan was
preside the meeting. in this meeting following resolutions are taken, such as

1. Should take need ful action to give free note books for diffidently abled students in July first week.

2.Giving request to withdraw the new government order for producing medical certificate when making travel in government buses with helping person.

3.To participate in the conference of Tamilnadu differently abled government employees federation's on 19th of this month and etc.

Treasurer Venkraman, explained the resolutions. Organizer Balakrishnan and members were participate in this meting.